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Early (Phase I) Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child be seen by age 7 for an evaluation by an orthodontist. Early (Phase I) treatment can sometimes decrease or eliminate treatment which would otherwise be needed in the future. Examples of Phase I treatment are:

Rapid palatal expansion - used to widen a narrow upper jaw. If this procedure is not done at a young age, then jaw (orthognathic) surgery is the only way to correct the narrow upper jaw in the future. Pictured is a patient treated by Dr. Slutsky before the jaw is widened and after expansion and braces. By performing this procedure at a young age, maximum esthetics are achieved, and no teeth needed to be extracted.

Headgear - used to reduce the amount of overbite a patient has. This procedure sometimes can eliminate the need for extraction of permanent teeth.

Space maintainers - often used after baby teeth are extracted to prevent permanent teeth from moving into the spaces and blocking other permanent teeth from erupting (growing) into the mouth.

There are many other types of Phase I treatment. We recommend you set up an appointment for a free initial consultation by calling 215-335-2500.

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