Orthodontic Retention

You've worked hard for your beautiful smile; keep it that way!

You have finished treatment and your teeth are straight - congratulations! We want to make sure your teeth stay straight and do not shift, so it is really important for your to wear your retainers! 

Below is a picture of a patient who did not wear her retainers. The picture on the left shows straight teeth after her braces were removed, but the picture on the right shows how her teeth shifted after not wearing her retainers. She needed treatment for a second time to get her teeth straight. Don't let this happen to you! Teeth have a memory, and it is important to wear retainers as instructed to prevent shifting of the teeth.



Types of Retainers

Retainers are custom-made and can be removable or fixed.

  • Traditional removable retainers (Hawley retainers) have acrylic and wires to keep the teeth straight. They tend to be very durable, but the wire shows when wearing them which can make them unaesthetic.


Clear aligner removable retainers (Essix retainers) are very cosmetic and virtually invisible. They look great but do not last as long as the Hawley retainers,  but offer a more aesthetic alternative to wire retainers.    




Lifetime FREE Retainer Policy

When you complete orthodontic treatment, if you choose clear ESSIX retainers, we will provide you with 3D digital models. If you lose or break your ESSIX retainers, we will make up to four sets per calendar year at no charge. We can use those digital models to make you new ESSIX retainers unless your teeth shift, you lose them, or you receive dental work which prevents a proper fit


  • Fixed retainers are often the best option to prevent shifting. Although there usually is an additional fee to place these, they are in many cases the best way to keep teeth straight, These types of retainers require extra attention with brushing and flossing to keep them clean. 


Ask us for details and what makes the most sense for your teeth when you visit the office. 


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