Phase 1

Phase 1 orthodontic treatment is sometimes used when a child has a mixed dentition (some baby teeth). This treatment usually involves placement of braces on the front teeth or an orthodontic appliance such as a headgear, tongue crib, or palatal expander.

The purpose of Phase 1 treatment is to lessen time for future orthodontic treatment and to avoid problems early. After the child completes Phase 1, he/she will sometimes be given a retainer to hold the teeth in place. The child will usually return about 6 months later to evaluate growth and determine if Phase 2 treatment is indicated.

Here are some problems to look for to determine if a child may need Phase 1 treatment or full braces:

  • Excessive spacing
  • Crowding
  • Open bite (back teeth touch, front do not)
  • Deep bite (excessive overlapping of the top teeth over the bottom)
  • Cross bite (one side of the bite is closer to the cheek or tongue than the other side)
  • Under bite (lower teeth project beyond upper)
  • Overjet (excessive protrusion of the upper jaw over the lower)
  • Abnormal eruption (tooth erupts in an abnormal position)

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